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The Blade

The Tale of the Wheatgrass Woes

wheatgrass woes

Wish Upon…a Wheat?

Once upon a time, in a land not that far away, there lived an entire field of wheatgrass. They were a happy little field, blades of grass lazily basking in the sun, blowing in the wind. One crisp fall day, however, a two-legged creature, also known as a man, walked up to the field, picked a blade of grass, and chewed on it thoughtfully.

A few seconds passed, and suddenly he spit out the wheatgrass with the force of a raging river. This little blade of grass, that looked so serene, was bitter, to the bitter end. Faster than a seed blowing in the wind, this two-legged creature quickly spread the tale of the wheatgrass woes.

Although the benefits are numerous, our little wheatgrass has felt a certain stigma for years. Unfortunately, like most underdogs in a hero’s journey, the wheatgrass must face many perils and challenges. Fortunately, like most underdogs in a hero’s journey, wheatgrass has finally emerged as a victor.

Redesigning the Label

What are the top three charges against wheatgrass? First, our little blade is oftentimes perceived as having a poor or bitter taste. Next, it is oftentimes accused of being expensive. And lastly, it is not readily accessible. You can’t just walk into any store and order a shot of wheatgrass or a wheatgrass drink.

Fellow health-conscious aficionados, its time to drop the stigma against wheatgrass, and here’s why:

The label has been redesigned. We’re not talking about the label that adorns a bottle, but rather the negative, preconceived narrative that has long been assigned to our little wheatgrass friends.

Taste the Difference

Taking something bitter and infusing it with artificial flavorings and chemicals to mask the taste defeats the purpose of consuming a healthy drink. Now, what about taking the same bitter taste, and infusing it with a kick of natural flavoring? Let’s take that a step further. What if that drink was also free of gluten, GMOs, animal ingredients, dairy, nut, soy, artificial colors, and any preservatives?

Bear with me a little bit longer now. What if these flavors consisted of wild blueberry, sweet pear, tart cherry, and of course, an original flavoring, for those who like to keep things simple?

So you see, dreams do come true!

The Big, Green Monster

Following the map and uncovering the clues to finding a hidden treasure is fun. When you’re inside a storybook adventure. And when you are guaranteed to find the hidden treasure.

Honestly, finding decently priced, quality wheatgrass drink shouldn’t be like trying to locate the Loch Ness Monster – impossible. It should be convenient, affordable, and healthy. The wheatgrass, that is, not Loch Ness.

Many of us have had the experience of walking into a health food or smoothie store, requesting a shot of wheatgrass, then waiting while the young attendant figures out how to turn the grass-like stalks into something healthy, and last but not least, drinkable.

Take heart, those days are over!

Dreams Do Come True

Fellow health food aficionados, rejoice! The day has finally arrived when you can walk into a store and purchase the drink of your dreams, in a flavor you love, at a price you can love even more! Amazingly, you can also order it online and have it delivered right to your doorstep!

Forget the world of enchanted castles, princesses, and magical spells; you are living your fairy tale now!

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